Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oak post

This will be my final blog about Oak Alley.  My fascination with Oak Alley began many years ago on my first trip there.  At that time, the grand mansion was in much need of some TLC.  Over the years, and through the vision of one man, Zeb Mayhew II, she was restored to her former state of glory with many additional amenities.  I have been to everything from tours and gala events to craft fairs.  Occasionally, when I am in the area, I take a slight detour just to drive past her and marvel in the grandeur that is Oak Alley. She has been the site for the filming of many movies, weddings, and events.  Instead of reinventing her history, I will add below, the history taken from the website....I'm hoping there's not a professor around waiting to hit me with a plagiary charge !  FYI, the website is  

Okay, bad idea....I won't be posting the longgggggg history, as fascinating as it is (I attempted it and it is wayyyy too long for a blog and a brief synopsis wouldn't do it justice).  Please do yourself a  favor and visit the website and the history page, you won't be disappointed if you love tales of the old south like I do !

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  1. I understand your fascination - it looks like a glorious place. Thanks for stopping by my blog - and good luck with the blogging, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share.