Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oak Alley continued.....

A mighty oak
West side of the house
Christmas at Oak Alley

Another Christmas photo
Christmas topiary
Snow, an unusual occurrence in southeast Louisiana
More snow
Like fine lace beneath the mighty oaks.....
Aftermath of Katrina
More of Katrina's wrath
A tree fallen amid ancestor graves
A New Orleans Saints playoff daughter and grandson are in this photo.
Side view
A sugar kettle...used way back when to make sugar from the sugar cane
Tour guides

I'll try to add some history on a later post.  Every time I pass Oak Alley, I am in awe of her grandeur....hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Hi, I did an image search through Google and found that you have my picture of Oak Alley posted here on your site. It is the third one up from the bottom. I am a photographer and the picture is under my copyright. However, since commercial use of Oak Alley is not allowed, I cannot sell the image or require you to pay for it. I would appreciate it though if you could credit me as the photographer and link back to my site at I believe you may have found this image on the Oak Alley FaceBook page as I shared it with them, however I still do own the copyright of it. If you could credit and link me as the photographer I would appreciate it. I actually have the image hosted on my SmugMug account in an unlisted gallery here

    Thank you, Valerie Mellema