Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oak Alley continued.....

A mighty oak
West side of the house
Christmas at Oak Alley

Another Christmas photo
Christmas topiary
Snow, an unusual occurrence in southeast Louisiana
More snow
Like fine lace beneath the mighty oaks.....
Aftermath of Katrina
More of Katrina's wrath
A tree fallen amid ancestor graves
A New Orleans Saints playoff daughter and grandson are in this photo.
Side view
A sugar kettle...used way back when to make sugar from the sugar cane
Tour guides

I'll try to add some history on a later post.  Every time I pass Oak Alley, I am in awe of her grandeur....hope you enjoyed.

My very first blog.....Oak Alley Plantation

I didn't set out to start a blog this evening...I was only trying to sign into this world of blogs that I know nothing about.  There are some blogs that I am extremely fond of and hopefully, I can attach them to this page and share them with you.  What to say....well, it's hotter than heck here in Louisiana today !  Makes me think of the movie The Long Hot Summer with Don Johnson and a female actress who's name I can't remember at the moment...I guess that's kind of sexist...remembering the guy's name and forgetting the female's name !  What can I say !  Speaking of that movie, parts of it were filmed near here at Oak Alley Plantation...guess I should post a picture of it.  Maybe that can be the theme of my first blog....LA plantation houses !  Sounds like a plan to me !  On to my experiment..........
 Here are some pictures of Oak Alley for you to enjoy....